Porto – 8 Sep. 2015 | From the 11th to the 13th of October, Porto is going to be the meeting point of the Southwest Europe to reflect about its Landscape

15 years after the European Landscape Convention was signed by Council of Europe and 10 years after entered into force in Portugal, Evolving Landscape and CIVILSCAPE, are organizing the second Southwest Landscape Forum, which this year takes place in Serralves’s Museum, in Porto, under the theme “Rethinking the implementation of the European Landscape Convention”.

This International forum, which will happen for the first time in Portugal, gathers several experts, decision-makers and different points of view, and aims to reflect about the implementation of the European Landscape Convention in Portugal, Spain, Andorra and France, through the sharing of projects, results, and strategies that directly or indirectly affect our landscape, aiming also to envision the future of the European Landscape.

To achieve this five main panels and throughout the two first days (11th and 12th of October) a range of themes such as training and education, awareness-raising, implementation on different perspectives, European cooperation and the ways forward will be discussed, featuring members of the European Council, Government Bodies, Non-governmental Organizations, Universities and Private Entities.

The programme also includes a visit to the North of Portugal (Viana do Castelo) and Galicia (Spain) on the 13th in order to illustrate good examples of landscape interventions.

Take the chance and get in contact with different stakeholders with different visions about the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

You can find more information on: http://www.evolvinglandscape.org/southwest-landscape-forum.html

The idea for the Southwest Landscape Forum is coming to life thanks to the active support by our partners Serralves Foundation, the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission’s, Xunta de Galicia and Fusível.

About Evolving Landscape

Is a cooperative that aims to strengthen the perception of citizens about their everyday landscape, promoting education and participation through the development of local initiatives, according to the European Landscape Convention.

More Information: http://www.evolvinglandscape.org/


Is an international association of civil society organizations, public institutions and economic entities. These are non-governmental organizations which dedicate their work to landscape protection, management and planning, according to the European Landscape Convention.

CIVILSCAPE has actually 114 member organizations in countries all over Europe which are active on local, regional and national level, but also also members on European level.

More Information: http://www.civilscape.eu



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