Last week, on 15-17 May, ISOCARP’s President, Milica Bajic, IFLA Former and actual President Martha Fajardo, Desiree Martinez attended the International Congress ‘Culture: Key to Sustainable Development’ in Hangzhou, China, as well as the preparatory workshop on 14 May.

The congress was organized by UNESCO with the support of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and Hangzhou Municipal Government. This was the first International Congress specifically focusing on the linkages between culture and sustainable development organized by UNESCO since the Stockholm Conference in 1998.  As such, the Congress provided the very first global forum to discuss the role of culture in sustainable development in view of the post-2015 development framework, with participation of the global community and the major international stakeholders.

The Congress examined the multifaceted role of culture in achieving sustainable development goals and aimed to influence the inclusion of culture in the post-2015 global development framework. We recommend, that a specific “Goal focused on culture be included as part of the post-2015 UN development agenda, to be based on heritage, diversity, creativity and the transmission of knowledge and including clear targets and indicators that relate culture to all dimensions of sustainable development.”

Photo: Milica Bajic ISOCARP President, Desiree Martinez IFLA President, Francesco Bandarin Assistant Director-General for Culture UNESCO, Martha Fajardo IFLA Former President and LALI Chair


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